Our goal is simple – get a bunch of like-minded humans in close proximity on a shared energy field to vibrate good into the world.

The Event

Whether it’s your 1st time meditating or you have committed to a meditation practice, ALL are welcome to this event. Just come with an open mind & a great attitude.

Breath is can be used to alleviate pressure, tap into what’s good for us, oxygenate my body, and clear the mind so we can focus and create calm. After the event, you will feel fresh, free, empowered, calm – and surrounded by like-minded humans to share it with. 

Note: this is not a religious event, it will be filled with movement and tempo changes, bring something comfortable to sit on, bring charged headphones (no speakers), bring warm clothes, bring an open mind, play all in, share your experience with others.

Join Us

Next event coming soon.

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Once you have pre-registered, you’ll receive event information, event playlist, and more. Power in numbers extends to the metaphysical – and we would love to have you join us.