Our Mission

Our goal is simple – get a bunch of like-minded humans in close proximity on a shared energy field to vibrate good into the world. 

Our founder

The Great Meditation, founded by Brian North, is a compilation of study and practice – the idea came about at the end of one of Brian’s meditation sessions. He opened his eyes and was seeing the world clearly in HD – at ultimate peace. The first thing that came to mind was “how do I share this feeling with the world.” 

The goal is to get a bunch of like-minded people together, calm down, smile, and take a moment for ourselves – then network and get to know each other. 


Our family

Power in numbers extends to the metaphysical – and we are happy you have decided to find out more about our event. 

Whether it’s your 1st time meditating or you have committed to a meditation practice, ALL are welcome to this event. Just come with an open mind & a great attitude.